Studio Unikatowe Bonga

Studio Unikatowe Bonga: 

The place where magic happens, and glass leads us in the process of creating glass objects.
We have the necessary equipment, supplies and a growing crowd of artists we work with.
Every day we realize projects of our imagination, which later can be found in the online store.
We discover the secrets of ancient techniques and create their firing glass.
We gave up full of energy that flows within us to create what is in our hearts.

If not for your warm words, the heart and soul we would not be here now.
Each purchase of our products and support in the form: good advice, promotions, remarks etc ..
at each stage of development has allowed us to spread our wings and take full advantage given us confidence and a friendly hand.

For many years, together we create a unique bong and we will continue to develop in all possible ways.


The glass assortment, made from boron-silicon glass, which is purchased from the US,
China and the Czech Republic, depending on what you want out of it produced.
It is in the form of rods and tubes of different diameters and colors.
Process them burners, polishes, grind, mats, sandblast, we put prints like.
They also constantly enlarging the number of glass processing techniques.


Many tools are made by us or on order, but a large part is imported from different places.
We have machines like: annealing furnaces, lathes, saws, grinders, etc.
We add a new range, which gives us new opportunities and streamlines the work.

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There are more movies, photos, presentations from the production and beyond.