Glass Bongs

are water pipes intended for smoking various herbal substances.One of the most popular and oldest methods of smoking. You can get a water pipe according to your needs using a vaporizer, bong with ash catchers for better filtration, ice bong, classic bong.Here you will find small pipes with water filtration, so-called Bubbler.

We offer many necessary glass accessories, among others bowls, tubes, ash catchers, adapters, pipe strainers and useful accessories such as: grinders, scales, discreet storages and many more.

The water pipe can also be made for individual order and personalized for yourself. We also make glass inscriptions, engravings, repairs or bong logos.

All unique bongs are created in our steelworks in Tychy where years of practice with glass allow us to create the most sophisticated models.

We present the current list of products that our artists are making, giving them maximum passion and love.

Thanks to the water filtration in bong, the smoke is cool and free of the most harmful substances.

The glass from which our products are made is the best quality material that doesn't emit any harmful substances and it is possible to wash it on 100%.

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